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I’m the cashier in this story for a little background the customer is trying to use our store card but she is not an authorized user.

Customer: “what do you mean I can’t use this card it’s my husbands why can’t I use it”

Me: “ma’am I understand it’s your husbands but your not authorized to use it.”

Customer: “ I demand you manager now this is ridiculous “

Me : “ ok she’s on her way”

I called my manager Over and she explained the same thing

Manager : “ I’m sorry ma’am but we can’t run it it would be considered fraud my employee is right we can put this stuff on hold or you can pay another way”

Customer: “ no this is ridiculous forget it I’m never coming here again “

She ended up huffing for a few minuets and the. Dragged her children out of the store.

Funny enough I’ve seen her multiple times in the store and every time without fail she’s comes to my register and I ID her and she’s still it authorized.

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