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, | Unfiltered | September 22, 2022

My friend and her ex-husband divorced after 25 years of marriage–and their adult children actually staged an intervention to make sure the divorce happened.

The divorce had been final for more than 8 years when she received a long email from him, that started with what a terrible wife she’d been, and how horrible she was, then segued to how he’d found the love of his life, and knowing this woman had opened his eyes to how dreadful a wife my friend had been.

The email then transitioned to the real reason he’d emailed: he demanded that she return her engagement and wedding rings to him–so he could give them to the new love of his life.

My friend’s response was a simple “Any communications from you to me should occur only through my attorney.”

But we were all ROFL when she discovered who the new “love of his life” was–someone he’d met through a Russia-based dating site! A Russian mail-order bride!

The kicker? Her ex-husband is an IT guy!

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