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(I am working at the local supermarket in this story and have been stocking shelves while hearing what looks like a very nice lady having a chat with a short girl who looks like she weighs 60lb soaking wet. Note there has recently been a mugging in town that caused the victim to be sent to hospital)
A young man walks in, wearing a hooded jacket, torn jeans and boots with tattoos on the exposed parts of his arms and basically looks like a thug. I immediately think ‘Oh c***, is that one of the guys who mugged that person?’
That is until he turns my way and I realise he is covered cuts and bruises that he is very clearly trying to hide, a terrified look in his eyes every time someone goes past him and is basically doing his best to keep clear of people.
It’s pretty clear this guy isn’t a thug and might actually be the victim from the mugging.
I go back to work as I doubt the guy wants people staring at him, seeing him break into a relieved smile and making his way over to where the girl and woman are talking as I turn away, until I hear an unholy screech from his direction.
I turn around to find the man on his knees holding his crotch with one hand and trying to protect himself with the other as the lady from before starts to attack him viscously with fists and kicks.
Lady: You stay the f*** away from her you damn thug! Monsters like you should f****** die!
The girl looks shocked but seems to recover quickly enough and roughly grabs the woman by the arm and flings her backwards, the woman nearly falling over.
Lady: protecting you from this thug! He was trying to attack you! I bet he was one of those c**** who attacked that guy from the newspaper! I am going to have him arrested like any good person should!
She tries to attack him again, but the girl raises a fist and advances on the woman, who by now looks beyond confused. I’m making my way over at this point, already having sent a co-worker to call the police.
Girl: He’s my boyfriend you b*****! He was the one who was attacked! The last thing he needs is some crazy hag attacking him!
The woman goes red in the face and suddenly switches from trying to ‘protect’ the girl to insulting her, calling her all sorts of disgusting words and trying to attack her now.
I’m a fairly tall man so I step in between them and make it clear if the woman doesn’t stop, I’ll have her arrested. Funnily enough, she takes this as an invitation to start attacking me, saying she’ll have us all arrested because she is a good person!
By the time the police have arrived, the woman has been forced from the shop, but continues to smash against the glass with her fists as hard as she can while we do our best to help the injured guy.
When the police get our statements over what happened, with the woman screaming for them to arrest us all for attacking her, they immediately turn to her and make it clear they will be taking her down the station for questioning which doesn’t go well as she starts to try and attack them.
This goes about as well as you’d expect and the woman is quickly arrested and we can see her screaming from the car as they take her away.
The guy is taken care of and I do my absolute best to make it clear that neither of them are in trouble as he’s freaking out about his girlfriend being arrested (never mentions worry for himself) but unfortunately has to go back to hospital as some stitching on his arms was ruptured during the attack.
Every time I see them now, I always make sure to smile and have a little chat with them, the guy is doing better now and last I heard the crazy woman was going to prison for multiple counts of assault and battery!

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