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I’ve always been a writer but I’ve never had the courage to take a writing class or make it my career. My family always said it was better to go into something where you had a garenteed paycheck. So I was going into a culinary A.S. Degree. Then I meet my first college professor. Mr Brown, who taught my first college English class. I loved him immediately. He was funny and engaging and always made class something you wanted to participate in. Even the papers he assigned to us were fun. The one day he told us about his degrees. He had actual degrees in fiction writing. And an MFA and a degree in history. He was a writer. Something I’ve always wanted to be. I wanted to ask him advice on writing or opinion on a literary career path. But I was so scared I didn’t ask him until the last day of the semester. I was terrified. What if he didn’t tell me anything? What if I asked to late and he had to go? I was so anxious but I shouldn’t have been. He talked to me about his degree, how to improve my writing and still enjoy it. He talked with me for so long he even started walking me to class to make the most of the time. He offered to write me recommendation letters and look over some of my pieces. When we parted ways I couldn’t help but burst into tears. Finally I’d met someone who did what I’ve always wanted to do. And he was willing to help me. I’ve since switched my degree and I’m currently in ENC 1102. Where he is my professor. Im also taking my first creative writing course. I don’t think Mr Brown realized what he did for me that day. But when I told him I was changing my major his face lit up and encouraged me to pursue what I was passionate about. He is one of the best professors I’ve ever had and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank him enough.

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