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(I am a technician for a large solar installation company. My job is to go to customers homes where we have previously installed a solar energy system and troubleshoot it for problems when we receive an alert.

Because most of our systems are leased through a separate financing company and not actually owned directly by the customers (This becomes important later), this means that if we are unable to make contact with a customer for an appointment, we are allowed to enter their property to maintain the system, so long as there are no locked doors or fences in the way.

I am at one such house. The homeowners were unavailable while making the appointment, and were not at home when I arrived. Because the system was accessible, I got to work fixing the issue. After resolving the problem, I was waiting for a response back from my company alert system, when the homeowners arrived back from their trip. I went to meet them and explain my presence, finding the Client and the Client’s Adult Son.)

Client’s Son: So, are we going to be getting a refund check from you?

(The type of error I was fixing can occasionally result in false bills from the electrical company, which can be refunded as long as my fix works.)

Me: Well sir, if you’ve received a high electric bill, then we should be able to get this fixed for you. I don’t know all the details because billing isn’t my department, but if you have any questions you can call–

Client: (Hobbling over with his cane) Y’know what the problem is with that there solar company (Horrible mispronunciation of my company name)? They f****** lie to ya and steal yer money right outta yer bank! That there man from that solar company came in here with his silver tongue and honey words and made me sign on the dotted line– And I didn’t sign nothin’, ya hear? And when they came out to install it you know what they did? I got me a charge from them solar people to my bank takin’ my money! I got a call from my bank the next day tellin’ me I had a $40 overdraft charge cuz them people charged me right outta my bank account ‘stead of sending me a bill in the mail! I pay my bills in the mail but aint nobody take money outta my account, that there’s stealin’! Ya understand that?

Me: Yes sir I do. I apologize about this, I didn’t know anything–

Client: And then I try callin’ that solar company and aint nobody picks up the phone there! You can’t call anybody there, there aint no way you can dispute this!

Me: Well sir, our company number is on our trucks and our shirts, and it’s the same number I use when I have to call–

Client: No no no, aint nobody answers! I tell you this’s been goin’ on fer weeks now! And I’m ’bout ready to call up a lawyer, ya understand me?

Me: Yes sir, I understand. I’m sorry about this situation–

Client’s Son: Yeah, we’re looking into class-action lawsuits and we’re going to bring the hammer down on your company. I’m going to be a character witness.

Client: All’s I want is this solar company to stop stealin’ money from my bank account, I live on Social Security and I can’t afford to have them stealin’ my money! Now what’re you gonna do fer me today here? What can you tell me to keep me from bringin’ in the lawyers and suin’ yer company?

Me: Sir, I just work in the technical department, I don’t know anything about your billing. I don’t have the authority to issue a refund. All I can do is give my office a call and tell them about the troubles you’re having. Is that alright?

Client: *Waves me off angrily and wanders away*

Client’s Son: So how much longer are you gonna stick around for?

(I tell the client’s son that I’m done here, and give my supervisor a call. I’m told to leave immediately, as the client has threatened legal action, and told that our company isn’t even responsible for billing them. Their bills are handled through a former financing partner we recently cut ties with due to poor customer service. In addition, the only way that they would have been able to take money directly out of the client’s account would have been if the client gave them his bank and account information, and given written consent that they were allowed to bill him!)

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