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(I went to a “mexican” fast food restaurant that prepares your food, assembly-line style. When I got there, there was one man standing off to one side, by the “Pick Up Your Order” side of the counter, staring off into space. I headed over to the “Order Here” end of the counter.)

Worker: Hello! Welcome to [Restaurant]. What can I get for you?

Me: Hi. I’d like a [Start of Order].

Man: *AHEM*

(I turn to find that the man has walked over and is now behind me, glaring.)

Man: I was here first. You can’t cut in front of me.

Me: *tilting my head to look down at the far end of the counter where he had been standing* No. You were over -there- first. -I- was over here first.

(I then turned back to the worker and continued to order. The man kept standing behind me, trying to loom over my shoulder, but I just ignored him and kept moving down with my order. Eventually, he finally turned and stalked out.)

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