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(I can’t remember if I’ve submitted this story before, but here goes. I’m walking along a street towards a friend’s house, wearing earbuds and generally minding my own business. I’m 25-year-old woman and have had an experience or two with creepy and drunk middle-aged men in bars. So when a middle-aged man who looks a bit scruffy and walks like he has been drinking happens to walk towards me, I’m automatically on guard.)

Man: *makes eye contact and gestures me to take off my earbuds*

Me: *I expect the worst but I don’t want to judge a book by its cover or assume. So I take off one earbud, silently hoping he wants to ask for directions or a lighter or something*

Man: *stops about a meter or so away from me, a respectable distance.* “Hey, you. I just wanted you to know: you are a very beautiful person.”

Me: *completely stunned* “Huh? I, uh… Thank you.”

Man: *continues on his way*

(Even though he was drunk, he never even tried to touch me, flirt at me or even chat me up. He just stopped to give me a drunken but still a genuine compliment and then moved on. This is one of those strangely sweet encounters that are fun to remember and made a good story even at the time to tell my friends. So, if a drunken bar hopper can deliver a compliment without being a creep, so can you. Be a fun encounter for somebody as often as you can, because it’s the little things that people remember for a long time.)

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