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(I had been training one of the new trainees at work for a night because instead of the managers training people they hand off trainees to experienced staff, he had been doing alright so I said he could look after the counter while I quickly change the bins. A customer comes in and starts making this trainees job ridiculously difficult)

Trainee: “What can I get you today?”
Customers: “An ultimate box”
Trainee: “What drink would you like”
Customer:”I don’t want a drink I want chicken and chips”
Trainee: *Looks to me confused* (he hadnt ordered chicken and chips) “So a 3 piece box?”
Customers: “No an Ultimate box”
(This continued for a little while as I finished up with the bins then I came over and offered to help the trainee finish the order up. The trainee continued to negotiate with the man to find out what he actually wanted and it wasn’t working so he asked if I could finish the order)
Customer: “Now we are getting somewhere”
Me: “Did you want chicken and chips sir?”
Customer: “Yes”
Me: “How many pieces?”
Customer: “2”
Me:”Alright that will be *whatever a 2 piece and chips costs*
Customers: “Atleast someone knows how to do their job”

(I quickly packed the order so this guy could leave and then my trainee started apologizing and I just stopped him)
Trainee: “I am so sorry I just didn’t know what he wanted…”
Me: “Don’t stress he was just being an ass**** cause you are a trainee you handle the situation perfectly with the knowledgeyou have.”

(Moral of this story, dont treat Trainees or employees in general of a small town fast food joint poorly infront of other staff, cause everyone will despise you whenever you enter the building.)

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