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I’m on my way home by tram on a Saturday night. On one end of the tram, there are two very drunk, loud and obnoxious black young men, and all other guests avoid that area. I’m a female in my twenties looking rather petite and as white as a milk. Since the tram is fairly full except the area near the two young men, I end up sitting fairly close to them and it makes me a bit uncomfortable, but there’s still a door in-between. At the next stop, people get in at the doors and one of the men goes over and tries to talk to them. German is clearly not his first language and he speaks with a heavy American accent.
Man#1 (in German): Excuse me? Could you- Pardon, I want to-
All passengers hurriedly walk past him and pretend not to see him. He walks over to me.
Man#1: Hey, excuse me, can you tell me how many stops there are until we’re at the main station? This is the right tram, right? Sorry to bother you.
Me: Yes, this tram goes to the main station, but I’m not sure how many stops. I think maybe 2 or 3.
Man#1: Thank you very much.
He then walks back to his friend. They resume drinking and yelling and are, frankly, very annoying. When the stop Main Station comes up, I walk over to them.
Me (in English): Hey guys, the next one is Main Station! You need to get off here!
Man#1: Wow! Okay, thanks a lot!
Both them and I get off the tram.
Man#2: We need to go to [different stop], how do we get there? Can we take the next tram here?
Me: Uh, I’m not sure. It’s the right line, but I think it’s the wrong direction. Let me check.
I go to check the schedule.
Me: Yup, you need to go over to the other side. Let me show you where.
We walk over to the right platform (there’s multiple ones).
Me: Here, take [line] in 5 min. You’ll be at [other stop] in 15 min.
Man#1 takes my hand and shakes it.
Man#1: Thank you SO much. I know what I look like, I’m drunk and black and in the best case, people ignore me. But you didn’t just speak friendly and politely with me, you also came over to tell us when our stop came up and now even helped us find the next tram. I want you to know it means a lot to me and I appreciate it.
Me (a bit stunned): Please, don’t mention it! To be honest I was a bit worried about you being drunk. But you were nothing but polite so why shouldn’t I help you? I need to go over there, though, now, my tram arrives soon. Have a good night!
I then go to the waiting area at a different near platform. There’s another drunk young man sitting there. He notices me and comes over.
Man#3: Hey sugar t*ts. How are you?
He sits too close to me and I can smell alcohol, cigarettes and bad oral hygiene. I lean away and try to ignore him.
Man#3: You sooo beautiful babe. What’s your number? Got any plans for tonight?
He leans even closer so his body is touching my arm and his head is on my shoulder. I scoot away from him.
Man#1: Hey, leave her alone. You make her uncomfortable.
I look up to see the two guys from the tram standing in front of me and Man#3, arms crossed and looking angry.
Man#3: Got a problem a*****e? This is none of your business.
Man#2: Are you looking for trouble?
Man#3: F**k you, who do you think you are?
Man#1: It doesn’t matter. This is a good person and you’ll leave her alone.
My two “friends” and the third guy start yelling insults at each other that I don’t dare to repeat and I fear it’s going to get violent, but ultimately, the third guy leaves.
Me: Thank you so much!
Man#1: Don’t mention it. You were so friendly to us. Hey, if you don’t mind, could we wait here with you in case he comes back?
Me: Oh, uh, sure! Thank you very much! You really don’t have to do this, though, your tram will be there soon!
MIan#1: Yours too. We’d really like to make sure you’re safe.
They end up waiting for my tram with me for nearly 15 minutes, missing theirs in the process. We talked about all kinds of tings like why they were in Germany. I still feel a bit ashamed about being when Man#1 first came up to talk to me.8 judge a book by it’s cover!!!

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