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We have moved my husband’s brother into our house after the loss of both parents in less than a year. It had been noticed that a couple of step sisters had been taking anything not nailed down, between them they have cleared out many sentimental items.

As I am helping BIL unpack his picture frames I notice that a framed sentimental item that belonged to his biological Grandfather wasn’t there.

Me “Have you seen (item)? I thought it was going to be packed in my car to bring over here”

Brother in law “No I haven’t seen it, I don’t think it’s here. I’ll have to find out who’s got it when we go back to the house tomorrow”.

He asks each of his three stepsisters, and one admits to having it.

Step sister “Oh I have that, I took it home just in case it disappeared without you knowing about it”

Brother in law accepted that excuse, thinking she meant one of the other two sisters probably would have taken it, but I seriously wonder that if he ever would have seen it again if he hadn’t brought the subject up. I or my husband were there every day, packing and transporting his belongings so you would think that giving it to one of us would be the logical thing to do, especially as she lives over an hour away. And she had told no-one that she had taken it.

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