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My work has recently been hit by fraudulent checks being cashed against our bank account. The police have been involved, new security measures have been made at the bank to prevent further instances, and the detectives are working on the case. My managers have gotten the name of a suspect off the check, and they have been searching for him on Google, Facebook, and public records sites out of their own curiosity. One of my managers found him on a sex offender list where they have his mugshot, and she thought she found him on Facebook. Her computer screen is perpendicular to my line of sight, so colors, contrast, and view in general is skewed.

Manager: Hey, I think I found him. Look.
Me: *glancing from my desk, seeing someone in a hoodie with hood pulled up and face in a shadow* Yep, he looks guilty.
Manager: Wow, that’s racist.
Me: What?
Manager: I said, that’s racist.
Me: I don’t understand… *slides chair over to desk, sees black man on screen* oh, I didn’t notice his skin color. I just saw the hoodie, and people in hoodies look suspicious. You know, all those bank robbery photos. They’re either in hoodies or a hat and sunglasses.
Manager: I was going to say, I thought you were better than that…

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