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(My wife has just been diagnosed with endometrial cancer, we got the news on Valentine’s Day. We are distraught because we want to have kids someday. At the advice of a friend, we decide to spend time distracting ourselves from thinking. A week after, we decide to do this by buying a game from a series known to be light-hearted and cheesy… Kingdom Hearts 3. We are a bit disheveled and underslept. We grab the Kingdom Hearts case, and also grab used copy of Horizon Zero Dawn to the counter. Half of the desk is covered in stocking suffers like posters and toys the nearby manager is sorting. There’s also a customer who is just loitering to talk with the employees, it looks like they’re having a good conversation. The casheer stops chatting with his friend when we approach him).

Casheer: *genuinely cheery* So just these two?

His Friend: Didn’t that used game have dlc?

Casheer: oh yeah it did. *to us* Do you want the dlc? We have a used game of the year edition for a couple bucks more.

Me: *nods tiredly* sure, sure. More gametime would be good.

(The casheer rings us out. Just before he hands us the bag, he stops)

Casheer: hey manager, do we have any of the posters for the special release of Kingdom Hearts left over?

Manager: *with his head still leaning into a big box, he dramatically flourishes a flat packet into the air.*

Casheer: *catches the packet, but it turned out to be two stuck together, and the second one bounces off his face, causing everyone to laugh as he puts both into our bag* You both have a nice day!

(It is a really nice poster. We’re keeping one in the packet and displaying the other. Plus, the accident made us laugh for the first time since the diagnosis. Sometimes it’s the little things that help the most. And my wife has been in much better spirits since she started playing the game. If you have spare change or time, consider donating either to the American Cancer Society or other valid foundations that help people survive this awful disease).

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