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, | Unfiltered | January 14, 2022

While looking for something else entirely, I found a product called “The Sarcastic Nine Ball.” It functions just like the classic “Magic Eight Ball” that you ask a question and turn it over and a random message is revealed that is supposed to be the answer to your question. It’s purely silly, but I don’t think there is anyone who grew up in the USA who hasn’t played with one. If, for some reason, you’ve lived under a rock and never tried one, it’s just a sphere filled with liquid and an icosahedron with text on it is inside. There is a circular window on one side and if you rotate the sphere so the window is up, the icosahedron floats to the top and one face presses against the window and you can read the text.

But the Sarcastic 9 Ball looks like a 9 ball and instead of an 8 ball and the messages are all snarky, cynical and sarcastic. Things like “Whatever!” Apparently one of the sides reads something like “Low Battery” and tells you to replace the battery. Now, if you didn’t believe people could do so many of the things labeled “EXTRA STUPID” on this site, this is your chance to see it for yourself. For that product, there are two reviews (one rated as the best negative review) that give 1-star and complain that it reported low battery and that there was no way to replace the batteries.

Yup. There are people that stupid.