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My husband and I have hopped onto the 16th Street Mall shuttle in downtown Denver. It stops at every block, Somehow, the programmed announcements on this particular bus have gotten out of whack with the stops.

After we boarded, the doors closed and the bus proceeded toward the the next stop. About half-way up the block the female-voice announcement said, “The doors are closing.” I absent-mindedly said, “Really; you just figured that out?” A couple of people chuckled. The same delay occurred after the next stop, and more people laughed. Then someones said, “She’s high!” and someone else chimes in, “No, stoned!” “Next she’s going to be hitting everyone up wanting cookies,” said another rider. People exited at each stop and others got on, only to be caught up in the fun. By the time we exited several blocks later, the bus was filled with laughter.

The return ride later that evening (with announcements at the right time) was pretty boring in comparison.

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