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I was still in highschool when I had a summerjob working in a warehouse from a factory.
It was my job to stock incoming goods which were mainly electronic components.
Goods kept coming in but because it was summer holidays and the factory was closed most of them had to be stocked.
My boss has to go out for a few hours so he tells me to mind the store.
He has just left as the phone rings. I answer the calj. It’s a manager informing us that there are 18 pallets carrying 6000 boxes with electronic components delivered but we’re not allowed to stock them for some reason. The message is plain and clear: “18 pallets coming from [Manufacturer] may not be touched. Under no condition. Leave them as they are.”
Boss comes back after a few hours and starts berating me for not stocking the pallets outside from [Manufacturer].
I try to tell him that we’re not allowed to. He interrupts me, tells me to shut up and go ahead.
I refuse trying to tell him what manager said, but he won’t have it. I’m fired on the spot.
So I pack my stuff and go the office to tell them that I’m leaving.
The manager sees me and asks if I told boss about the delivery.
Of course, I tell him the whole story.
Manager tells me he has another job for me so i’m not fired and he gets on the phone with my now ex-boss. I couldn’t hear what he said but judging by his gestures it wasn’t to friendly.
My new job was with the IT-department, installing computers, hanging round and playing games. It was a lot better than that dull warehouse-job and it also paid a lot better.
This job was the start of my IT career.

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