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A regular comes into the store with his girlfriend. I had sold him 2 phones a couple of months ago. I smiled and welcomed them in. While troubleshooting some problems, he mentioned he didn’t like the phones.
Me: “Oh, why not?”
Him: “There’s a bunch of problems”
Girlfriend cuts in: His phone was hacked!
Me knowing this rarely ever happens: What happened?
Girlfriend: we were texting back and forth while he was in his semi and I decided to call him. A woman answered the phone and I was surprised but asked if *customer name was there. The woman said he was sleeping. I asked who she was and she paused before hanging up on me.
Me trying not to laugh: looks at customer, back at girlfriend, back at him. Speechless.
Him: I swear on my parents graves I didn’t have anyone in the truck with me.
Me: Uhhh maybe someone snuck in while you were sleeping.
Him: No I would shoot them.
Me gives him a look because I’m trying to skip the fact that he was blatantly cheating and she was too dumb to believe it and he just argued my cover story.
Me: well hacking is really rare but I’ve seen it before.