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I get paged to settle a customer issue, and arrive to find a red faced man.

Customer: Are you a manager? Good. Fire that boy over there! I’m not gay and I don’t appreciate him hitting on me!

The employee in question looks confused.

Me: Can you tell me what happened?
Customer: What happened was my store card didn’t work. That little fag was all smiles, he slides me his phone number! I have nothing against HIS lifestyle choice, but how dare he flirt with me.

The customer hands me a slip of receipt. A phone number I recognize is written in it.

Me: Sir, that’s the toll free number for our member services for the store card. We give it to anyone with card issues. See? It’s a 1-800 number. You can call it if you don’t believe me.

The man opens and closes his mouth a few times before taking the paper back and leaving

Employee: I was just being “retail friendly”, not hitting on him, I swear!
Me: You would have to have bad taste to hit on someone with that poor an attitude anyway.

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