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(It’s been a long, busy day of beligerant customers. It’s nearing the end of my shift, and at this point I’m counting down the minutes until I can go home.
A woman comes up to my register and sets her items down.)

Customer: “I have a question, and I’m a little embarrassed to ask it. I’m a teacher, do I happen to get a discount here?”

Me: “Not to my knowledge, but let me double-check.”

(I look up to ask my manager, but she’s on the phone, and she’s the only manager currently on duty.)

Me: “Sorry, I can’t ask my manager right now, but I can check one thing once we get into the transaction.”

Customer: “Oh that’s no problem! Like I said, I hate to even ask.”

(At this point I want to see if I can get her a discount just for being so understanding, so I look under the “transaction modifications” tab on the register, which would list any discounts that we’d have for specific groups of people. However, I don’t see anything.)

Me: “Yeah, sorry, it doesn’t look like we do any discounts like that.”

Customer: “Oh that’s OK, don’t worry about it!”

(She was equally nice through the rest of the transaction, and as I handed her her bag at the end, she gave me the most genuine smile I’d gotten all day. Idk, maybe someone acting like decent human being is a bit of a non-story, but after all the time I’d spent being yelled at that day, it really helped salvage my mood. Whoever you are lady, I hope you know how much I appreciate your kindness.)

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