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This is a story that was relayed to me by a coworker.

We work in a call center answering questions from people who want to visit our city. It’s a Monday afternoon and my coworker receives an online chat from a visitor who wants to know parking options for his RV. The only place you’re allowed to park RVs downtown is the visitor center parking garage, which has a max clearance of 12’8″. She relays this information to the visitor, who is evidently unhappy with it because he abruptly closes the chat.

A few minutes later our supervisor receives an email from him asking to confirm the maximum clearance and to offer other parking options. The supervisor is out sick so the email gets forwarded to our office manager, who tells him the same thing my coworker did, and also provides the phone number for the parking garage.

A little while later, the office manager gets another email from this guy saying that he spoke to the parking garage staff to confirm that the clearance is 12’8″ and was told the same thing that my coworker and the office manager had told him. He, again, says he wants us to confirm the clearance and provide him with other parking options for his RV. My coworker calls the garage, and the staff member on the other end is very irate with this visitor who was apparently very rude to her.

At this point the clearance has been confirmed at least four times and there’s nothing else we can do for this guy. The office manager emails him to let him know that there are literally no other options for him. He is not allowed to park his RV anywhere else downtown. There is nothing we can do about it.

My ill supervisor checked in to tell us that if he contacts us again, we should point him to the department head. Praying that he doesn’t get in touch with us again.

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