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My girlfriend and I recently went to a local car boot sale (or a flea market as our US friends might say) and were looking to shift some of our tat, er, I mean our quality merchandise.

The prices marked are usually just a guide for us and we’re prepared to haggle a little. For instance, one customer went away with £25 worth of items for £20, but we’re getting a surprising number of people asking us if we’ll take 50p for something. For those people, we aren’t prepared to haggle, so it would be full price or no sale.

At about half way through the day, two women, possibly sisters, approach our stall and holds up a plant pot which we’ve got priced at £5.

Woman 1: 50p?

Both women look at us expectantly.

Girlfriend: It’s £5.

Woman 2: Will you take 50p?

As we start to shake our head, the two women are joined by a man who we suspect is their brother. They ask again.

Woman 1: 50p?

Brother: Really? Can’t you see it’s £5? NOT 50p. You can’t keep asking for everything at 50p!

I can only imagine how many other stalls those sisters had been to trying the same thing. That brother had obviously had enough of his sisters attempting to get stuff for peanuts and made it clear. They put the plant pot down and shuffled off empty-handed. And I really do mean empty handed as it was clear that their tactic hadn’t resulted in any purchases from anywhere.

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