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, | Unfiltered | December 21, 2020

(I’m getting a drink at a cafe I’ve never been to. As it’ll become clear in the story, I really need my morning caffeine.)
Barista: Hello! What can I get for you?
ME: Hi, could I get a genmaicha, please?
Barista: Genmaicha? Sure. It’s [price]. Which size would you like? *holds up two cups that are obviously not the same size*
ME: Uh, are they the same size?
BARISTA: *perplexed face, looking between the two cups, trying to decide how to answer me*
ME: PRICE! I meant are they the same price!
BARISTA: *relieved laugh* Haha, yeah! They’re the same price!
ME: I’d better get the large one, then. And maybe I should get something stronger because obviously I need some caffeine right now!