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(I manage an entertainment venue, often companies will book the entire space for corporate functions. We lease space in a building with several other companies so heating and air conditioning are handled by the building owner. On this particular day I wasn’t scheduled to work on the front end but I had come in to deal with some office work. A corporate group came in so I went to the office to concentrate while they got the introduction from my staff. Eventually I needed to use the computer in the lobby so I waited until it sounded like the customers had been taken from the intro lobby area into the venue. When I return to the lobby I see one man dressed in semi formal work clothes looking at his phone. I assume it’s the boss…sometimes they organize the event and show up at the start to make sure everyone’s there but don’t participate. I greet him but he keeps looking at his phone so I approach the computer. After a few moments he sighs heavily, puts his phone away and opens the front door.)

Me: “Have a great day, sir!”

Guy: *stops abruptly and turns to me* “It’s way too hot in here.”

Me: “Oh, I’m so sorry, sir” *quickly glances at thermostat to ensure that the air conditioning is on and the temperature is at it usual, several degrees cooler than the summer heat outside, temperature* “Our AC is on. I’m not sure…”

Guy: “It’s a piece of s***. F*** you!!” *slams door and storms off*

Me: *stunned*

(When my staff returned, I told them what happened and they informed me that he had complained about the temperature through the entire introduction. One of his coworkers told him it’s a lovely temperature, to shut up, and let my staff do their jobs. That must have really upset this guy because he apparently held back when everyone else was taken into the venue, kept the key to their locker, took his phone out, and left his coworkers belongings unlocked. He waited outside pacing in the summer heat…which was significantly hotter than inside the venue. When I saw him in the lobby, he was not perspiring or red. I suspect he didn’t want to participate but didn’t want to admit it and blamed it on the temperature.)