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So I work at a fairly well-known hardware chain in the Midwest. One day my manager, another coworker, and I were standing at our department desk when my manager gets a phone call. Of course, I can only hear one side of the call but my manager is getting pretty upset. After hanging up she tells us what happened: this particular guest had asked if he could return a wrench to the store and exchange it for a new one. Now this particular brand has a lifetime warranty on all its products, so if it breaks you can get a new one, as long as you have your receipt. However, we do not sell wrenches of this particular brand, so my manager knows almost right away that this guest did not buy the wrench at our store. Yes, we do sell that brand in other tools, but not wrenches. So she asks ‘Well, do you have your receipt?” Of course, the guest does not. Here’s the kicker: she asks him if he bought the wrench from our company. ‘Nope, but I know you sell this brand so just get me a new one’ he replies. My manager tries to calmly explain to the guest that you cannot return something to a store that you did not buy it from, especially if we don’t even sell that particular product. The man starts to get extremely angry at her! He calls her dumb, an idiot, calling our store ‘bullsh*t’ all for not returning a product he did not buy from our store. He ended up hanging up and we never heard anything more from him. Sometimes people’s stupidity blows my mind.