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(A guest arrived in and was grumpy from the start. We do not have to do a detailed welcome to the hotel and I always try to read cues from the guest if they want more info or just want to go but try to tell them information that may be important. I was being as brief as I could when he said he just wanted to get to his room so I gave him keys and off he went. I didn’t have time to tell him that we switched him from a King bed to a double as we were overbooked on king beds and as he booked through a 3rd party (Priceline or Hotwire) his reservation was Run Of House which meant he gets what he gets. After he left the desk another guest came to check in and she had some questions as it was her first stay in the area. The phone rang and I knew it was going to be the guy complaining about the bed type. As I was already helping another guest he had to wait on hold for me and that was probably about 10 minutes)

Him: I am not in the right room!

I decided to move him to a King bed just to be done with him though I explained the whole 3rd party booking thing.

Him: (grumble, grumble, grumble and hangs up)

I was not sure if he wanted to switch or even what he had said but waited a few minutes before calling him back to see what he wanted to do.

Me: Hello sir, i wanted to see how you wanted to proceed with your room. I wasn’t sure at the end of our last conversation what you wanted to do.

Him: I’ll stay where i’m at and i’ll never stay here again. Fuck You!

“No thank you sir, you’re not my type” was about to come out of my mouth but he hung up. I thought best not to call him back to tell him that.

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