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(I work at a women’s clothing store that has its own special sizing system. It’s very different from most stores’ sizing, so we often get customers coming in and asking about it. Usually they understand it pretty quickly, but this lady…not so much:)

Customer: Excuse me, what is your size large?

Me: *slightly mis-hearing her* The largest size we carry in the store is size 3.

Customer: Yes but what is your size large? Is it size 0?

Me: *thinking: OK I know our sizing system is weird, but really??* No ma’am, that would be extra-small. Our size large is 2, and extra-large is size 3.

Customer: Oh, OK.

(She then goes over to a sale rack that is all size 0’s, and picks out a blouse.)

Customer: Do you have this in a size large?

Me: *quickly looking through the sale racks for sizes 2 and 3* It doesn’t look like we have it in a size 2, but we do have it in a size 3 if you’d like to try that one on, just in case it still fits.

Customer: No no no…what is size large? Size 0? Size 1? I’m a size 1…maybe 2.

Me: *Mentally rolling my eyes at this point* OK, well I can check in the back room on the off chance we have that blouse in a size 2. However since it is on sale that means we’re at the end of our stock of it, so we may not have it.

(I go and check in back and sure enough, no more size 2’s. By the time I got back out to the floor, the lady had wandered off and I couldn’t find her anywhere in the store. Which, to my mind, was not at all a bad thing.)

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