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I work at an arcade. At our prize counter, we have a big water lamp with fake fish floating in the bubble stream.

Young boy: *pointing at the lamp* “Are those fish?!”

Me: “Well, they’re not -real- ones.”

Boy: “Are those fish?!”

Maybe he didn’t hear me? It’s an arcade after all so of course it’s very noisy. But I’ve been working here 10 years so my volume is usually not a problem.

Me, louder: “They aren’t real ones.”

Boy: “Are those fish?!” He still sounds like he doesn’t even know that I’m standing there even though I’m practically screaming at him over the volume of the games around us. I wonder if I moment who he’s actually talking to since he doesn’t seem to know I’m there and doesn’t seem to be speaking directly to me??

Me, louder, shouting nut trying desperately not to sound angry/annoyed coz im genuinely not sure if he could hear me or not: “NO.”

He finally noticed me.

Boy: “They’re not??”

Me: “Nope! They’re just plastic.”