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I work at a makeup and beauty store. We offer a free membership card where you earn points on your purchases that you use for money off. Not everyone wants to sign up for this, which is fine, but you’re required to have a card in order to return anything because our computers won’t process it otherwise. This is so we can track returns, limit returns without receipts, and prevent fraud. I had a customer call in today and one of my coworkers warned me that she was a real piece of work.

Me: Hello, thank you for calling ***? How may I help you?

Customer: Hello? HELLO? Can you hear me?
(I can tell it’s a crabby old woman)

Me: Yes, how can I help you?

Customer: I bought some hair products a few weeks ago when you were having a sale and wanted to know if I could exchange some for the same sale price.

Me: Do you have a membership card with us? (Before I answered yes, I wanted to confirm that she had a card with us)

Customer: What?

Me: Do you have a membership card with us?

Customer: What does that mean?

Me: Do you have one of our free points cards?

Customer: What do you mean a card?

Me: Do you have one of our membership cards?

Customer: What does that have to do with anything?

Me: In order to process a return, you have to have a membership card here.

Customer: What do you mean?

Me: We have free membership cards here that you use to earn points for money off and you need to have one to make a return. Did you make an account when you bought those items or did you already have one? If you’re not sure if you have an account, I can check by your phone number.

Customer: I’m not giving you that. And I came in, paid, and left. What does this have to do with anything?

Me: You need to have a membership card with us to make a return.

Customer: But what does that matter? I have my receipt.

(Getting frustrated of repeating myself dozens of times but I keep a calm voice)

Me: Our computers will not process a return unless you have a membership card with us. If you’re not one already we can sign you up when you come in so you can make your exchange.

Customer: I don’t understand you. You’re making absolutely no sense. Goodbye. (Hangs up)

Some people either just don’t want to listen or can’t comprehend something no matter how much you dumb it down!