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So I work as a marshall in a laser quest arena. Mainly, our customers are kid’s birthday parties and the like, but every so often we have groups of teens/adults, and they’re my favourite. It means I can have a bit more fun, be more teasing, y’know.

So I’m taking care of a group of university girls and after their game finishes, I’m walking around the room hooking the equipment up to the wall so it can charge overnight (it was closing time by this point.)
As I walk past one girl, she slutdrops, not realising I’m behind her, and she inadvertently grinds against me. As a naturally joker-type person, I say something along the lines of “Jeez, at least buy me a drink first!” Needless to say, her entire group of friends proceed to embarrass the poor girl as they make their way out of the establishment! Cut to 10 minutes later, my manager and I walk out of the building to finish locking up and the group of girls are still there. The girl that accidentally dry-humped me walks over and gives me her number, and we have now been together for about half a year!

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I work for family entertainment center (arcade). We don’t get a lot of business during the daytime while schools are in session. However, if schools out for the day, we can get slammed. To make sure we staff properly, we checked all of the calendars for schools within 30 miles, and we add extra staff on those days. We still sometimes got busy even on those regular days. When I asked guests what was their special reason for coming in, the most consistent answer was their private school had off. Nobody ever wanted to take the time to build a thing for private schools like we did public, but I’m a patient guy and take on the job. Some schools don’t have their calendars published, or else have old information, so I email those schools for up-to-date information. This is the first one that emailed me back.

School: You may access our annual calendar on [website].
Me: Thank you for your reply. I looked on your site, and I can’t seem to find something for 2018. I went to [calendar page] and saw Feb. 2017, along with the 2016/17 calendar. Is there something I’m missing?
School: The 2018 calendar will not be completed until April.

Their school year ends in May… At this point, I know the graceful thing is to just give it up for lost, but it seems really ineffective to have a calendar made that’s only useful for 1 or two months, or worse, that they just decided not to make a calendar for the 2017/18 year entirely.

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(I work at a laser tag center, where we do parties and the like. A group of rowdy boys shows up for a birthday party, with a girl who looks to be a younger sister of the birthday boy. She seems sweet, girly, and unassuming, registering under the the nickname “Sparkles”. The boys are around 15, while the girl looks 13.)

Boy: Look at the b**** playin’ laser tag, d*** those t**s gonna jiggle when she runs!

Sparkles: Please don’t talk about me that way. It really just makes you sound like a complete idiot.

Boy: D***, she’s callin’ us idiots? Least she’s hot, when we’re done I’ll bang her fat a** in the parking lot.

Brother: Dude, that’s really gross. Don’t talk about my sister that way.

Boy: Whatever. Little b**** still good to f***.

(He continued on like this throughout the entire waiting period. Since the boy wasn’t physically doing anything, we couldn’t interject, but I still felt horrible as I ushered then in to get their gear, and reported the incident to my manager. Later, we were passing out certificates to the participants based on however many people they shot. Guess which sparkly friend got first place, and guess who else got banned from ever playing laser tag at any of our branches?)

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(We normally have 5 registers. A while ago one of them broke, so there’s a station with no monitor or anything. The way the counter is set up, we can’t see the empty station.)
Me: Hi guys how can I help you?
Customer: you should really have a closed sign over there! I was waiting for someone for 5 minutes!
Me: There’s no computer there…..
(I realized after I probably could have said something less condescending, but seriously people need to pay more attention!)

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I work at a virtual reality arcade that is inside a large museum. The arcade is fairly new so the museum has issued free vouchers to play the games for all the volunteers. The volunteer coordinator comes in to tell us that the volunteers must play a specific game, the favorite of one of the bigwigs.

There are immediately many problems with this. For one, the game in question is very buggy and sometimes just refuses to work unless we reboot the whole computer. Another issue is that it is all about balancing on a plank over a great height and requires pretty good balance, and most of the volunteers are elderly. The worst is that it is classified as a horror game meant to cause extreme acrophobia and is not one we recommend to new users. The coordinator, however, will not hear this, and insists they play the game anyway.

What we get is a few folks with canes and walkers that nearly have a serious fall, a woman in a wheelchair who cannot play the game at all, a majority of the volunteers complaining that it gives them a headache, and one old man so terrified he cries. 

The kicker is that one of my coworkers had her lunch in the volunteer lounge and the volunteers were complaining about us for making us play the horrible game.

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