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I work at a call centre for a company that holds very private information about our customers. When we call them they need to answer basic security questions.

This customer is Chinese and speaks only basic English, but we we’re getting through the questions easily.

Me: “How do we pay you?”

She doesn’t understand at all but fortunately there’s a very British person at her end helping her with translation. Well, he asked her, I asked her over and over in different phrasings and after ten minutes we were both getting pretty irate.

British accent on phone: ‘How does the money get to you?? Money? Cash?’

Me: ‘How. do. we. pay. you. madam? Do we pay you in cash? Does it go on your card? Do we pay you in Gold Dubloons?!’

My whole office fell about, including my manager and the person on the other end of the phone.

Funnily enough she understood after that!

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