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Me: *On drive thru headset* “Hi there, and welcome to [store]! Unfortunately, we’re closed until 4:00.”
Customer: “Yeah, I’d like a…” *begins to order*
Me: “Unfortunately sir, we’re closed until 4:00.”
Customer: “Oh, well if I come inside, can I order?”
Me: “Unfortunately not, the entire store is closed.”
Customer: “So just the Drive Thru is closed, I can come inside?”
Me: “As I said before, sir, the entire store is closed until 4:00.”
Customer: “So you’re closing at 4:00? It’s 3:40, why can’t I order?”
Me: *starting to get frustrated, and sounding it* “The store is CLOSED until 4:00.”
Customer: “I don’t understand.”
Me: “Alright, sir. The store is currently closed, both the lobby and the drive thru, as the current time is 3:40. At 4:00, the store will stop being closed and start being open again.”
Customer: “Oh, OK.” *drives off*

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