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While I was never physically bullied, I had a pretty loud temper as a child that other kids loved to take advantage of. I learned to control it eventually, but as an 11 year old the frustration would get to me pretty quickly.
Every day one of a group of about six kids would try to make me blow up. There is one instance which always sticks out in my mind.
See, the teachers at my school would talk about enforcing rules, but really they did the bare minimum in order to keep things simple for them. Kids rarely ever got punished and I often got the impression that the teachers were fed up with victims who kept asking for them to intervene (there was one point where a visitor said I looked upset and the headteacher said “Oh, he’s ALWAYS upset.”)
One day one kid was doing all he could to make me explode. He called me names, interrupted me whenever I opened my mouth, did impressions of me, told everyone not to include me in games, made up horrible stories etc etc. Finally, I’d had enough.
11 year old me: OH JUST F*** OFF!
A teacher then magically appeared.
Teacher: ‘My name’! You do NOT swear! Go and apologise right now!
Yeah, I know it sounds silly but all this crap building up over the years just made me hate kids in general.
A small part of me is sad that the school was eventually demolished. When I’m at my very worst I wish I could’ve burned it down.

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