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(For context, I work for a program at a park/campground where we give tours of a museum/heritage site and answer questions about the park/area. It’s also important to note that my job is completely different from maintenance/gate, and that I do not know the inventory, especially since this was my first day on the job.)

Me: Hello everyone! Welcome to [Heritage site] museum! Feel free to look around, and if you have any questions, I’m here. [gives my little speech]
(The group of three guys nod, and begin looking around. Normal enough. Then one of the guys approaches me.)
Guy 1: Y’know the firewood they sell at the gate?
Me: …yeah?
Guy 1: Is it birch?
Me: I’m actually not sure.
Guy 1: It looks like that. *points to a replica that has a small log of birch on it*
Me: Then I guess it was probably birch.
Guy 1: So it is birch then?
Me: I mean… If that’s what it looked like then yes?
Guy 1: [Guy 2]! It was birch.
Guy 2: Was it?

(They proceeded to ask me another 3 times about whether or not the firewood was birch. I wish I could say they were just messing with me.)

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