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This is a little bit of a combination between Not Always Right and Not Always Working.
I’m calling a medical building that does anything laboratory based.

Me: Hi, I’m calling because I had an MRI done last year but I lost the copy and need a new one sent please.
Receptionist: We don’t do MRIs here.
Me: I’m sorry, did I call [medical building] in [location].
Receptionist: Yeah.
Me: I’m very sure I had an MRI last year. Maybe you no longer do MRIs but used to in the past?
Receptionist: Hold on. -After a 5 minute hold- Yeah we’ve never done MRIs.
Me: Okay, thanks, goodbye.

I looked it up and I had accidentally called the extension for the blood draw office, so I was at fault. But their office is literally right next to the office for MRIs and CAT scans not to mention the ‘walls’ separating them were made of glass! Even if she wasn’t capable of transferring me (which I later found out she could) she could have at least told me I called the right building but the wrong extension.

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