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, | Unfiltered | November 14, 2020

A while ago I posted a story about a lady doing the usual “Not Always Right” attitude ( https://notalwaysright.com/time-kow-towed-law/113657/ ) and she got bit in the bottom. I usually don’t believe that much (but a lil’ bit I do) in all things around Karma but when it strikes twice you have to give it some serious props. Because sometimes life writes such weird stories you can’t even make them up.

After the “Ticket Lady” got arrested she was probably avoiding that area for a while because I’ve never seen her there for some time. While she was gone I bought a car for my commute (and some light deliveries in the immediate vicinity to customers and for getting goods for our business) and thus we marked our parking place solely for my car only and started using back entrance for other deliveries.

On the faithful day I had my car parked on the spot. Other cars were parked next to mine as well so if anyone double parked I couldn’t get out. And (you’ve guessed it) when I was on my way out to deliver some stuff myself I was double parked and couldn’t get out. Thanks to the experience with the lady I called towing company right away and this time with police because they weren’t on our private property per se but were breaking the law (so they could take photos themselves and issue a ticket) and blocking me from leaving.

Couple minutes after police arrived and started issuing ticket with towing company just around the corner THE “Ticket Lady” came out, screaming, from nearby store. She was yelling her lungs out with lot of profanities and how “She is parked the right way this time, not on private property, and that she has no idea who called them because “that c**t from last time isn’t there””. It really surprised me to see she got another car and she hasn’t seen me loading stuff into the trunk, but I couldn’t care less for her.

When I closed the trunk she turned around, saw me and I (swear to God) could in that instant hear every brain cell in her head screaming with a fury of a thousand Suns. She pointed at me, yelled something incomprehensible and I believe if it weren’t for police officers in the way she would probably lunge at me and would do something. The best I could do at that moment to not escalate things was to ignore her and go sit in my car.

When I thought things have started calm down as I sat in my car waiting, tow car arrived and was getting ready to take the car. It literally took 5 seconds for lady to notice, dash into driver seat, start her car and floor it. Police officers, tow-guy and I were all shocked from the speed of all her actions and wouldn’t move in those few seconds from sheer shock.

Luckily as I mentioned earlier, Karma had struck again. In all this madness the lady somehow lost control of the car, hit street lamp and then swerved into fire hydrant, stopping and totalling her car (totally like from action movie). She seemed ok when she got out but I guess police kept her again at precinct for some time after they ran after her and arrested her (again).

After all this madness my only regret was we had yet to install CCTV cameras outside and my dashcam haven’t turned on until it was all over and captured only tow car leaving. But if my luck/misfortune will continue I can only wait patiently for part 3 with video next time. So fingers crossed.

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