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, | Unfiltered | November 14, 2020

(So, we visited a toy shop recently and my small brother buys a pellet gun. In this specific center, lots of shops insist you try out the item in the shop to avoid later problems, and to see if you are happy with the product. So we are not surprised when the cashier tells my sister to shoot the wall at the back to make sure the gun is working.)
My sister swings around and shoots. A millisecond later a customer walks from the next aisle straight into shooting range and of course, the pellet hits her cheek as everyone watches horrified.
The lady is dumbfounded and then says, “Did you just…did you just seriously shoot me???”
My sister: *embarrassed* “I’m sorry!” *apologizing profusely*
Lady Customer : “Children these days have no respect, blah blah blah”
My sister tries to explain to her what happened but the lady’s not having any of it.
Lady Customer: *swearing* “I’m never shopping here again!”
She stormed out of the shop ignoring my sister’s explanation of what happened. My sister felt pretty bad and the poor cashier looked stunned.

Later on my sister tried to find her in nearby shops in the center to apologize to her and explain to her clearly what happened but she was nowhere to be seen.

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