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(Me and my wife race grasstrack sidecars in our spare time. We are are getting our bike ready the morning of an event when we are aproached by a man and woman with child)

Man: Hi, we dont want to bother you but would it be possible for our son to have a sit on your bike? He’s going through chemotherapy right now and could do with a smile

Me: If i can get permission and its ok with you I can do one better and have him come out with us on the parade lap if he wants?

(The boys eyes go as wide as dinner plates and his smiles not much smaller as he looks at his parents expectedly)

Woman: I think thats a yes then *laughs*

(I go check its ok with the right people and come back with the good news. I also tell them I’d arranged a surprise during the presentations afterwards. They thank me and leave until its time for the parade lap. When it came to the presentations, the boy was asked to come up onto the podium and help hand out the trophies, prize money etc. I often see them when we are at events in the area and the boy is now all clear and healthy)

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