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I am on the phone with Social Security, trying to get a paper that says I no longer get a disability check, and haven’t receive one since January, about 5 months ago.

Me- Hi, I am calling to get a paper that says I no longer get a disability check.
Lady on the phone- Ok, you should have receive one when you stopped getting your checks.
Me- The only paper I got was one that said I was denied my claim for an adult, but it didn’t say I no longer would get a check
Lady on the phone- So you need a paper that shows your last check.
Me- Yes, that is all I need, Can you mail it to me?
Lady- But the paper you got in December should be good enough.
Me- Well, it doesn’t say when my last check was.
Lady- But it should still work.
I realize this is getting no where, and the lady clearly doesn’t understand what I need, so I ask for something a little different
Me- Well the paper I got in December is more then 3 months old, so I need a more current paper saying I no longer get a check.
Lady- Oh ok, It will be there in about 10 business days,
Me- Ok, Thank you, have a nice day.

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