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(I am one of a few full-time customer service personnel at a specialty store with a cashback program that requires a one-time fee. The cashback membership is separate from the account system on our website. It is the holiday, and many of our cashiers are seasonal hires or employees from other departments. Also, I look young, which sometimes causes issues during transactions. One of my new coworkers calls for help over the radio.)

Coworker: Hey, can I get a manager or supervisor to (Register)? I’m trying to find the customer’s info, but he’s not showing up in (Search System).

(There’s no response, so I turn around to see if he needs help. The customer is holding an empty box from an online order.)

Me: Hey, (Coworker), anything I can help you with? We’re pretty swamped, it might take a while for a supervisor to come.

Coworker: *dismissively* I’d rather wait for a supervisor, but thanks.

(A few minutes pass, with no reply. He calls again.)

Coworker: Can any supervisor help me?

Supervisor: *over the radio* I’m busy in (Other Department). Can anyone else help?

Me: *over the radio* (Coworker), I’ll be right over.

(I turn around again. My coworker glares at me. The customer looks furious.)

Me: Right, what seems to be the problem?

Coworker: (Search System) doesn’t work. See, I’m punching in his name, and it isn’t going through.

(I search by the customer’s last name, which is Slavic and long. No results come up.)

Me: Okay. Sir, can I get your phone number –

Coworker: No. It isn’t going through.

Me: Alright. Then can I double-check the spelling –

Customer: Why do you need to double-check anything? It’s written right here!

(He points at the shipping label on the front of the package. I spot the mistake immediately.)

Me: Sorry about this, sir. *turning to coworker* Did you ask if he was a member?

Customer: Well, I ordered something online, didn’t –

Me: I see that, sir. But did you ever pay us a membership fee for your order as well?

Coworker: No, you don’t get it. His name is right –

Me: I understand that. But the order system is separate from the membership. Look here.

(I point at the bottom of the shipping label. Just below the customer’s name, it reads NONMEMBER.)

Me: *to customer* I’m sorry for the wait, sir, but it looks like you are not a member with us. Are you interested in paying a one-time fee for 10% cashback on your purchase today?

Customer: Why would I? After this customer service?

Me: Fair enough.