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I used to work at a coffee shop. My manager there was Polish. I’m clearing tables when this happens.

Customer (whispering): excuse me

Me: Hi! What can I help you with?

Customer (still whispering): do the sandwiches here have mayo in them?

Me: no they don’t, but we have salad cream out on the side.

Customer: Oh, that’s good. I was going to ask the other girl at the counter but I thought she wouldn’t understand me, because…(looks furtively around and leans in towards me) she’s, you know…foreign.

All I could think of to say was ‘oh, okay’, because the way the woman acted was so weird. She said ‘foreign’ like it was a curse word and looked incredibly worried the whole conversation. My manager speaks English perfectly, obviously, or she wouldn’t have been at the counter serving customers.