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I worked at a pool that had a Adult/family swim where it was mandatory that= every child under the age of 18 had to have an adult with them. The reason= why is because we usually close down the slide at this time, so it’s = a chance for us to switch out staff and have a smaller guard team. It’= s also a promotional time for families with small children to come and use = this quiet time. Most people don’t mind because it only runs for two h= ours out of the entire time our pool is open to the public. However, we do = have parents who really try to push this rule and get angry when we make th= em parent. I’m guarding when I notice a dad come in with his two young= kids. I think everything is okay because he’s in a bathing suit and w= ill go into the water, but then he proceeds to sit on the side while his ki= ds swim around the shallow end. This isn’t okay, but I’m guarding= and I don’t want to take my eyes off the pool in case this dad gets a= ngry. So I radio my co-worker to go and talk to him and this is what happen= s:

Coworker: I’m sorry sir, but it’s a family/adult swim right now s= o you have to get in the water with with them.
Dad: What? Why? They can swim! They’re 6 and 8.
Coworker: Well, actually, even during public swim hours, children 6 and und= er need a parent with them. However, especially during this time, its a rul= e that all kids under 18 need an adult with them.
Dad: Why?
Coworker: Well, it’s a family promotion time and we have less staff. I= t’s outlined in our schedule.
Dad: Well answer this then, how are my kids supposed to have fun if I’= m in the water with them?
Coworker: Well, you could try interacting with them.
Dad: …
Coworker: …
Dad: Touche.
He then entered the water and proceeded to have a blast with his kids.

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