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I work in a food store, and we offer points for every dollar you spend. At = 300 points, you have the option to print out a 5% off certificate for your = next order. The cashier, if the notification comes up, will ask you if you&= #039;d like to print it out. If you say yes, we print it, everything’s= fine. But if say no, the notification goes away, and we can not get it bac= k, and corporate took away the ability to print it out by itself outside of= an order at the register. You have to go to customer service. I asked a la= dy if she’d like me to print it, she said no, I clicked no. Then she c= omes up to pay after her order is packed, and tells me she’d like the = 5%. So I tell her, “Ma’am, I’m sorry, but you said no when I= asked you, now I can’t get that screen back. But if you go to custome= r service, they’ll be glad to print it out for you.” She then get= s very angry and yells “I’m not going over there! I always have t= o wait! Print it out here!” I told her again, that I can’t, and e= ven went back and forth between the order screen and the payment screen pre= tending to try and get the notification back, even though I knew it wouldn&= #039;t come up. There was also no line whatsoever at customer service. It l= iterally would have taken the employee there 30 seconds to print out her ce= rtificate. After her yelling more that she wants her 5% and me calmly expla= ining that I still can not print it out after you say no, and that she&#039= ;ll have to go up to customer service (that still had no line) she screams = “Well that’s not convenient to me!” She pays for her order a= nd storms off. Thankfully, the customers in my line after her who saw the w= hole thing were understanding about being held up the 6 minutes it took her= to yell at me.

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