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(At our tech support, we will do screen protector installs on phones for a small fee. We also redo installs as a courtesy if a client breaks their original and purchases a new one.

One day this lady comes to the counter holding a new screen protector and a phone with a busted one.)

Me: “Hello ma’am. How can we help you today.”

Customer: *looks serious* “I broke my screen and I need you to replace it with this one. Make it quick. I need to be places.”

Me: “Well ma’am sometimes it takes a good 10 minutes to…”

Customer: *interrupts me* “That’s not true. It doesn’t take that long. Last time it was less than 5 minutes.”

(I’m not going to argue with her. It’s not worth the emotional struggle to explain that if you don’t have an appointment, which I know she didn’t, we have to try and fit you in.)

Me: “Alright ma’am. I just need to see your receipt.”

(She hands me a receipt and after looking over it I don’t see a purchase for a screen install. I see the phone purchase, and the screen protector purchase, but not the install.)

Me: “Okay ma’am I don’t see a screen install on your receipt. For me to do it today it will cost you $7.99.”

Customer: *face going red* “They did it for free last time.”

Me: “Well that’s great that they gave it to you for free the first time, but unfortunately I cannot do a redo without a screen install purchase.”

Customer: *yelling* “This is bullshit! I got it free before and it should be free now. I won’t pay anything.”

Me: “I’m sorry ma’am.”

(Then I just stand there expecting her to leave as most people do when they don’t want to pay, but to my surprise she just stands there staring at me. After about a minute I realize she is not going to leave.)

Me: *shrugging shoulders* “What do you want me to do about it?”

Customer: “I want to talk with a manager.”

(I go back and explain the situation to our manager. My manager comes up to the counter with me.)

Manager: “Hello, my name is [Manager Name]. How can we help you today.”

Customer: “I need my screen protector replaced with this new one, and I’ve always got it done for free and now he *pointing to me* is trying to charge me.”

Manager: “I’m sorry ma’am. Sometimes we do a screen install for free as a courtesy, but normally there is a charge.”

Customer: “No! There has never been a charge. I’ve been to three other [Store Name] and they have all done it for free.”

(Manager looks up customer’s purchase history and we don’t see any other phone related purchase in the last three years.)

Manager: “I’m sorry about your experience. Unfortunately we can’t do installs for free. I would be willing to give you a discount—”

Customer: *interrupting* “No! I got it for free and I want it for free. Do you have a district manager? Get him on the line right now!”

Manager “I’m sorry ma’am, but I don’t have a direct line to our district manager. You can call the store and talk to our general manager.”

(Manager gives the client the phone number to the store and the name of the general manager. The customer storms off with the number. Not five minutes later the phone rings, and it is the same customer looking for the general manager. The general manager is not in, and instead leaves a message that she needs to be contacted back immediately.

The irony to all this is that she complained earlier she needed this done quickly, and the whole exchange ended up taking about 30 minutes.)

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