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I worked in a Tandy Leather store — a store that sold unfinished leather and craft supplies. To understand this story, you have to know that leather is sold by the hide, side (half a hide), etc. It’s the skin of an animal; it is naturally animal-shaped.

This lady asks whether we have leather by the yard. I explain no, leather is sold by the hide. She responds, very huffily, “Well you SHOULD sell it by the yard. People make clothes out of it, you know!”

We also had people constantly trying to sell us stolen leather jackets, their logic being that since we sold unfinished leather, we should buy leather garments. Note: we only “bought” from our warehouse; we didn’t sell leather jackets or any other clothing; and it was pretty obvious that they were stolen, given the prices the various random people trying to unload them on us asked. I actually did ask one of the more persistent, one day, whether he would insist that Home Depot should buy a used table because they sold wood.

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