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(I work in a small town steakhouse that closes for a few hours in the afternoon before dinner. We reopen at 5 and I usually get there around 4:30. I’m standing in the kitchen with the cook, getting our salad bar prepped and less than five minutes after I arrive, two people walk in. There is a sign with our hours and one that is turned to “CLOSED”. Every light except the kitchen light is off, but I walk out to the bar anyway)
Me: Uhm…Hi.
Customer 1: How are ya?
Me: I’m doing well. Can I help you?
Customer 2: Yeah, two Buds and some menus.

(Keep in mind, the entire restaurant is dark and nothing for the evening has been prepared yet.)

Me: I’m sorry, but we don’t open for another half hour…Not until 5.
Customer 2: Well geez!!

(Both walk out, visibly upset. Oddly enough, they’d done something similar to my friend, who owns a bar in the next town over.)

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