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I worked at the largest theme park in Canada in 2016 in a shop at the Water Park.

Coworker: [My name] can you help me. Our machine won’t accept this guest’s card.

Me: They’ve probably hit their limit. Let me see.

As I follow my coworker to the register I see a very tall man looking very agitated. I pray he isn’t the guest but, of course, he is.

Customer: *with accent* I don’t know what’s going on?

Coworker: Do you think it’s because his card is in French?

Me: What? Can I see your credit card please, sir?

He passes me the card and it is in a language that is definitely not French.

Me: Are you visiting from somewhere?

Customer: Sweden.

Me: Ohh..did you tell your bank you were coming here by any chance?

Customer: No…can’t they track me?

Me: Well they can track the card but they don’t know whose using it.

Customer: Ohhhh…can I use your store phone to call them?

Me: Sure. As long as they have a branch in Canada you should be fine.

Customer: Sure, yes, yes.

I pass him the phone and he comes back much too fast to have called his bank.

Customer: The phone isn’t working.

Me: Let me try. *goes to phone* what’s the number?

Customer gives me an area code I am not familiar with.

Me: Does the bank have a location in Canada?

Customer: No, don’t be stupid. I’m Swedish!

Me: Okay well I’m sorry but our phone will not call Sweden. We can put your items on hold for you until you have other means of payment. Do you have a traveller’s cheque?

Customer: (mumbles words in Swedish and then very loudly says STUPID AMERICANS! and storms out)

Coworker: Okay I know we look and sound like Americans but he is literally in [Theme Park with Canada in its name]. Like how much more obvious do we have to be?

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