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(At present, our fizzy drinks machine is broken. As such, we have a sign on all four tills, on the signs above our heads, and on the drink machine itself. The sign reads “UNFORTUNATELY OUR FIZZY DRINKS MACHINE IS BROKEN. WE ARE AWAITING A PART FROM GERMANY AND WILL BE BACK UP AND RUNNING MARCH 15. We still have milkshakes, blended ice, bottled drinks and hot drinks. Thank you for your understanding!” Today is March 8th)

Customer 1: So, none of your drinks are working?


Customer 2: I’ll have a [Fizzy Drink #1]
Me: I’m afraid we have no fizzy drinks–
Customer 2: Oh okay, I’ll have a [Fizzy Drink #2] then.

(Later still…)

Customer #3: [after reading the sign] March 15….So, is the machine working?
Me: …no

[Never have i heard “Ugh! I’ll go somewhere else then!” in such exasperated tones so many times in a day…]