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(At my store, a buy one get one free sale just means the item rings up at half price. Because of this, many customers will only get one of the item instead of two. A customer asked me to show him where the buy one get one 5 pound bags of potatoes were. I show him and pick up a bag of potatoes.)
Me: Here we are, sir.
Customer: They’re buy one, get one, right?
Me: Yes. Did you want two bags?
Customer: Wouldn’t you?
Me: Excuse me?
Customer: They’re buy one, get one, right? Wouldn’t you want two?
Me: Well, it depends on how fast someone goes through potatoes-
Customer: No, look! Here (points to a sales paper) it says ‘5 pound bags of potatoes, buy one get one. Ice cream, buy one get one. Ribs, buy one get one.’ Wouldn’t you want two?
(At this point, I give up trying to explain anything more to him and just get him a second bag of potatoes. Later, I was telling my coworker about it.)
Coworker: Buy one get one just means half price. Not everyone wants two bags of potatoes.
Me: Exactly. And what I didn’t tell him was that I have never liked potatoes. I don’t know why, but I don’t.
Coworker: You’re weird.