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(The phone rings and I answer it. A customer with a ditzy voice asks for directions.)

Ditzy Customer: “Hello, we’re lost. I put in my GPS ‘Old Birch Rd’ and it shows nothing!”

Me: “That’s because we’re on Birch Rd, ma’am, not Old Birch Rd.”

Ditzy Customer: “It shouldn’t matter! Does it matter?”

Me: “Yes because there is a Old Birch Rd like a mile away from us.”

Ditzy Customer: “Huh! Well, it said on your website that it was Old Birch Rd!”

Me: “Oh really?” *pulls up our website* “Ma’am, our website does not say Old Birch Rd. It says Birch Rd.”

Ditzy Customer: “Lies!”

Me: “I’m looking at it right now.”

Ditzy Customer: “Humph! Well, when I looked it was different. Anyway, I guess I should put in your address on my GPS. What is it again?”

Me: “[Street Number] Birch Rd.”

Ditzy Customer: “Say it again slower!”

(I say it slower, and she thanks me and hangs up. There ought to be an IQ test you take BEFORE you go to a hotel…not to mention drive!)