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, | Unfiltered | August 26, 2020

(So I’m working at a very well know fast food restaurant, and I’ve been put on drive-thru..which is my weakest thing there. Anyway, I’m busy taking orders until this one comes around…)

Angry Customer: Yo Mate, could I get a [popular fast food item]?

Me: Yes Sir, anything else

Angry Customer: Uh, yeah, can I get a chicken nugget meal?

Me: Yes, Sir, Medium or Large?

(And this carries on until we get to the final meal)

Angry Customer: Yeah, can I get a 9 nugget meal?

Me: I’m sorry Sir, meals only come in 6.

Angry Customer: Are you taking the f*cking piss? I want 9 f”cking nuggets

Me: I’m very sorry Sir, but nuggets only come as 6 as I said.

Angry Customer: I want 9 f*cking nuggets.

(At this point I gave up, put down a 6 nugget meal and told him to drive to the first window to pay, he did not notice or did not care)