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I am standing in line with a friend at our local grocery store. There are two women before us, and they’re talking about the cashier, who has dark skin. However, she speaks Finnish perfectly and was likely born and raised here. (It’s nearly impossible to speak Finnish perfectly unless it was the first language you learned.)
The women are speaking loudly, the cashier can clearly hear them.

Woman #1: “They shouldn’t take our jobs. Why bother working when you can’t even speak the language?”
Woman #2: “Yeah. So many Finnish people don’t have jobs and THESE people come and take them away.”
Woman: “It’s a shame. Taking jobs from honest, hard-working Finns!”

I’m getting angry and am just going to open my mouth, but my friend, who has a very short temper, beats me to it:

My friend, loudly, to me: “OH MY GOD, CAN YOU SMELL THAT? WHAT THE H*LL IS THAT?”
Me: “What?”
My friend: “THOSE WOMEN IN FRONT OF US, ONE OF THEM JUST FARTED. OH MY GOD, I CAN’T TAKE IT, IT SMELLS HORRIBLE. *proceeds to make very loud gagging noises*
Me: “Oh yeah, I can smell that.” *I put my hand on my nose and turn away, grimacing*

At this point everyone is looking at us. The cashier is smiling but continuing with her job. The two women, naturally, are looking pretty angry by now.

My friend, to the people in line behind us: “You can go first, I can’t take THIS HORRIBLE SMELL anymore! HOLD IT IN UNTIL YOU’RE OUTSIDE, D*MN IT!”

We go the back of the line, and see a few people trying to hold in their laughter. There’s not another beep from the women, but I do notice that everyone else is extra nice to the cashier.

While this whole thing was in no way mature, it was definitely amusing.